Healthberry Farm

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At Healthberry Farm, we believe in the importance of working with nature to produce the finest products possible. Our varietal honeys are raw and come to you straight from the hive, without pasteurization or processing. Honey River meads are aged for two years so they can be bottled without sulfites. Our salves and candles are made with simple ingredients that are good for your body and the air you breathe. We do not add any chemicals, preservatives, colors or additives to any of our products, as they are unnecessary and often harmful.

We are located in the heart of the Highlands of West Virginia, surrounded by the Monongahela National Forest. Healthberry bees forage on plants in a wild setting, a safe distance from sources of toxic contamination, and are never moved for pollination services. Our practices give you an opportunity to support eco-friendly, small-scale farming while treating yourself to delicious varietal honey products made by healthy, happy bees!

We believe that when you try it for yourself, you will be able to experience the difference!

Bee Healthy, Bee Happy!