Honey River Meads

 Introducing: Honey River Meads!
Mead is an ancient wine that predates written language. It is a drink made of honey and water. Melomel is an Old World drink with honey, water and fruit. If that fruit happens to be grape, the drink is now called Pyment. All varieties in our mead series are aged two or more years and bottled without sulfites. They are around 14% alcohol and are best enjoyed on a full stomach!
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Varieties available: Basswood, Goldenrod, Tulip Poplar
From the mountains of West Virginia, our seasonal honey and spring water combine to produce this delightful and traditional sweet drink. Honey River Mead is aged two years and bottled without sulfites, and is naturally effervescent. It is a light-colored wine, excellent chilled or served on ice.

Varieties available: Estate Raspberries with Autumn Olive honey; Organic Blueberry with Basswood honey
From the mountains of West Virginia, the finest fruits available in the region combine with our raw honey and spring water to produce this traditional sweet drink. Honey River Melomels are aged two to three years and bottled without sulfites. An excellent desert cordial!

Honey River Pyment is made with raw Tulip Poplar honey from the mountains of West Virginia and the finest grapes available in the region. It is aged for two years in oak barrels and bottled without sulfites. It is a red-colored wine most similar to a port, and goes well with an equally delicious meal.

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Sweet dreams of honey-filled streams!

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